King Arthur

First Music

Second Music


Woden, first to thee

The Lot is Cast - Brave Souls

I Call to Woden's Hall

Come If You Dare

Hither, This Way

Let not a Moon Born Elf...

Hither, This Way 2

Come, Follow Me

How Blest Are Shepherds

Symphony - Shepherd Leave Decoying

Come, Shepherds, Lead Up - Hornpipe

Second Act Tune

Prelude - What Ho!

What Power Art Thou

Thou Doting Fool

Great Love

No Part of my Dominion


See, We Assemble - Dance

'T is I that Have Warmed Ye

Sound a Parley - 'T Is Love

Third Act Tune - Hornpipe


Two Daughters of this Aged Stream


Trumpet Tune

Ye Blust'ring Brethren of the Skies


Round Thy Coasts

For Foulded Flocks

Your Hay It Is Mowed

Fairest Isle

You Say 'Tis Love

Trumpet Tune

Saint George

Our Natives


Acis et Galatée, Haendel in Love

Hush.. (Elodie Kimmel, soprane)

Chorus Happy we

Chorus Wretched Lovers

Consider, fond shepherd, (Falco van Loon, ténor)

Seat of soft delight (Elodie Kimmel, soprane)

Händel Revue

Charmant Espoir (Pergolesi)

Lascia ch'io pianga (Händel)

Je devine (Pergolesi)

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